December 11, 2018

Marc Solomon in Slate: Progressives Won Key Victories Trying a New Campaign Tactic in 2018. They Can Do Even Better in 2020.

Civitas Principal Marc Solomon is featured in Slate discussing three big victories at the ballot for equal rights and how these campaigns can provide a roadmap for 2020. In the op-ed. Marc looks at at three big victories for equal rights in states across America and how these campaigns can serve as a roadmap for 2020. In Florida, voters restored the right to vote for those convicted of felonies; in Oregon, voters stood by the state’s 30-year-old sanctuary law protecting immigrants from being rounded up by local law enforcement; and in Massachusetts voters rejected an initiative to deny transgender citizens access to public accommodations, including restrooms that correspond with their lived gender.

Marc had the true privilege of working closely with all three efforts: with the Florida campaign on behalf of The Alliance for Safety and Justice, with the Oregon campaign on behalf of the National Immigration Law Center, and with the Massachusetts campaign on behalf of LGBT donors.