Federal Agencies Project

The Federal Agencies Project (FAP) seeks to bring about lasting policy changes that improve the lives and well-being of all Americans by working with the White House, cabinet secretaries, and administration officials across the executive branch. FAP supports and aids in the implementation of policy changes within their respective departments or agencies. The project is a partnership supported by several of the nation’s leading philanthropic foundations and generous individual donors.

Civitas is proud to be the managing consultant for the Federal Agencies Project, and to lead a group of policy experts and organizations engaged in ongoing, in-depth research on the disparities among various demographic groups in our country. The FAP team assembles and presents their research to federal agencies to make the case for significant policy changes that can have tremendous, positive impact for millions of citizens.

Policy changes FAP has successfully helped support include:

  • Expanded domestic partnership benefits for all federal employees.
  • Implemented employment nondiscrimination protections for federal employees and contractors.

Category: Campaign Management, Communications, Marketing, and Social Media, Government Relations, Public Affairs Management